Frequently Asked Questions

I've been away from the Church and want to return but I don't know how or where to start.

Whether it be due to Covid or a multitude of other reasons - we welcome you back! Simply attend Mass, look for a minister wearing a name tag, tell them you are returning and they will welcome you! Still nervous? Bring a friend with you! Everyone is welcome at Mass!
Catholics Come Home

I attend this church but am not registered with the parish, what's the big deal?

Parish registering is important for various reasons. One of the more common is when people are asked to be Godparents/Sponsors, the Church that the sacrament is taking place, needs to verify that are Catholic and registered with a parish. Without being registered, your parish can not verify that information. 

I'm getting married and need a record of my Sacraments, how can I get that?

Congratulations! Contact the parish office where you were baptized, they will be able to give you record of all your sacraments (even if they took place at different parishes.

I'm engaged & need to start planning my wedding, I don't know where to start!

Congratulations! Start with a call to your parish office, speak with them about available dates and Pre-Cana courses. Once dates are established, it's time to find your reception venue.

What Ministries and Activities can I get involved with at The Church of Saint Clare?

There are lots of Ministries and Activities to get involved with - see list below. 

Prayer and Worship
     Extraordinary Minister of Communion
     Altar Server/Sacristan
     Cross Bearer
     Children's Liturgy of the Word Team
     Prayer Group 

Music Ministry
     Adult Choir
     Contemporary Ensemble
     Resurrection Choir (for funerals)

Faith Formation/Youth Ministry
     Substitute Catechist
     Catechist Aide
     Office Helper

     Rite Of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
     Baptismal Preparation
     Marriage Preparation   

 Christian Service
     Human Services Committee
     Visitations; Hospital, Nursing Homes & Housebound
     Ministry to Bereaved: Support Group & Funeral Planning
     Food Pantry
     Altar Care
     Bishop Appeal
     Senior Citizens
     Sacrificial Sharing
     Christmas Gift Program 
     Parish Council
     Financial Stewardship Committee
     Buildings & Grounds Committee
     Coffee Hour
     Parish Nurse
     Social Activities Committee