Sacrificial Sharing

Sacrificial Sharing

The Sacrificial Sharing Ministry (SSC) is a Parish Program in which collectively we give back to God the first fruits of our labor. We give back to God by taking care of the needs of others before we take care of ourselves.  This is a traditional practice of the church.

 “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” Heb. 13:16.

St. Clare’s Community contributes 5% of our weekly collection to the needs of the poor before we begin to pay our bills. A tithe shows the world that we place our trust in God.  Each Christian makes his/her earnings “sacred” when he/she sacrificially tithes to their church; traditionally it has been 10%. 

The Ministry meets quarterly to review applications and distributes funds. Parishioners are invited to suggest organizations that are in need. These donations are determined by application and are published in the bulletin.

The following are a sample of the organizations assisted.

Capital District Habitat for Humanity                                          Consultation Center-Albany                                               Flood Recovery Coalition for Schenectady County

Senior Services of Albany- Meals on Wheels Program              Emmaus House of Albany                                                    Sacred Heart Outreach

Regional Food Bank of Albany                                                        St. John/St. Ann’s Food Pantry, Albany                           Bethany House Hospitality Center

Center Outreach- School Clothing Albany                                   Circle of Mercy                                                                         Little Sisters of the Poor

Ellis Medicine Night Chaplain Program                                       City Mission of Schenectady                                                  ...... & more!


Contact the Parish Office for more info! stclarepo@rcda.org or 518-456-3112